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Dancer, Choreographer, Coach

“I never planned on being a dancer”

My Story

So, I was born and grown up in Siberia, the coldest part of Russia. When I was a child I did swimming and singing. 

Music was for me the meaning of life, but I did not understand which way I should approach it. Fortunately, God did not let me become a singer, but for 5 years in the music school, the classes gave me a great musicality, the sense of the rhythm, and huge variety of musical preferences.


My first job was a dancer at the night club. Those days night life in Russia juststarted to develop, it was fresh and new. I loved to dance, but NEVER practiced dancing before. Just saw the vacancy of the dancer, decided to try casting and they took me!!! Dance and get paid for it?! I was happy! Then I could not even think that this decision would change my life..


If I do something, I like to do it at my best. The problem is that I did not know how to dance. And I went to study. During the nights I danced in the club, during the days I studied foreign languages, during the evenings I was dancing at the best dance school in our city.


In the club where I was working, there were 3 pole installed on the dance floor and a girl who worked absolutely incredible things on them. For the show she taught us a little how to use the Pole. So I met “him” – an” iron man”, whom you can always rely on.


So, I was able to work with the Pole a little bit and I danced with huge pleasure. When one of “strip plastic” teachers at a dance school wanted to go on vacation, I was offered to replace her for 2 weeks. I was preparing, but the loss of “teaching virginity” was one of the most exciting events in my life!
I realized that I can not only copy and freestyle, but also enjoy of creating choreography.

I realized that I enjoyed working with students.

I realized that they like working with me!

Two weeks later I was invited to be a new teacher in a dance school. That was in 2006. So that’s how began my career as a teacher.


At somepoint, I started recording my dancing. First, just for yourself , to see from the outside, work on the mistakes. I worked hard all the time, tried new styles, new tricks. I was a teacher, choreographer and performer. I loved to make shows! In 2011, I posted first video on YouTube. Just for fun. And …. it gained 200,000 views! I became a well known and I was invited to work abroad. More than 10 years I have not been in Russia. 



23 countries where I lived

Thousands of students from Asia to South America

10 000+ hours of training with and without Pole

Thousands of dollars spent on workshops around the world


27 pairs of shoes ruined and thrown away

Infinite tries of different styles and Russian Exotic in all its forms


Love. Men. Self-searching and personal development. Spiritual practices

I also have an endless patience and a great sense of humor

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