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this sale is a big thank you to every single one of you who’ve danced with us and to the newbies who’ve just joined our dance family

We’re about to change and evolve,
shift into a new format

But before we do, I want to make sure everyone who loved our old ways can have a piece of it.

Keep it, dance with it, for a lifetime.
And when you’re feeling the new beat, whenever you’re ready, come join us in this exciting new chapter


What to Expect

LIFE TIME access

Revisit, relearn, and revive your moves anytime


Diverse and comprehensive, tailored to guide every dancer on their unique journey


Meticulously curated tutorials for clear, precise learning, broken down into intuitive chapters for easy navigation.

10-15 Lessons in Each Module

Dive deep into the rhythm with lessons ranging from 5 to 15 minutes each

On-demand feedback

Personalized insights, ensuring you’re always on the right dance path


You will see a significant improvments in quality of your exotic performace

Dance Out

Step Up

Music : “Truth – Davil’s Game”

Perfect for those transitioning from beginner to intermediate. A harmonious blend of polished basics with innovative choreography.
As always, fluidity takes center stage.


Dance Out

Spicy Flow

Music: Change by Yin Tang Audio

Ideal for dancers more confident with their pole skills and tricks. Delve into a more musically challenging experience, merging those skills into an elegant and fluid performance.


Dance Out


Music : Slip – Elliot Moss

For the solid intermediate dancer. One of our most musically challenging courses. Step away from basics and explore more intricate movements. Two options available to cater to varied musical demands.


Dance Out

Dive into Flow

Music: “Sinking by Feverkin”

No pole, just pure dance. Perfect for those who wish to refine their dance and flow skills. Embrace the deep dive into sensuality, femininity, and heightened musicality.


Dance Out

Love is a bitch

Music : Two Feet – Love is a bitch

Our globally celebrated choreography, now as a comprehensive DanceOut program. The pinnacle course of the Academy, recommended as the final touch to your exotic learning journey.


About me


I’m one of the Exotic founders. I developing this style for over than 15 years

My huge teaching background allows me to invent unique methods to unpack potentiality of every student

After many years of workshops and private lessons around the world, I know exactly what most of the students are struggling with. And I know how to fix it

If you trust me and follow my instructions, you will be amazed with your results

I created the space where you get the results as if you practice in real studio. will take your hand and lead you through this course. Customize the program, support and correct every your step. Available for packages “VIP Coaching” and “FOCUS GROUP”


What my students Say

“This is my fourth course with Polina, and definitely not going to be my last. I am so happy that I took the chance on myself and got into exotic dance Polina style . Her choreo’s are filled with beautiful moves that she teaches in a way that is broken down and easily understood. She gives
me the best feedback and helped me gain confidence and improve in my ability to dance. One thing that really stands out in her teaching style, is how she has taught me to be able to watch myself in order to improve in other words, my competition is in the mirror. Thanks so much Polina

Angela Margaret Ann

“I have now been through 3 courses with Polina, with this one being my first “routine” and it could not have been a better choice! It builds on the previous courses beautifully, offered a wide variety
of concepts (body waves, leg work, floor work, spins) so there was always something I could feel good at and something to be challenged by each week! What is most valuable about these courses is that you get as much out of them as you put in the time and effort – if you are willing to
put in the work/time and take the feedback Polina gives you, you WILL IMPROVE but it’s only through your own hard work. As someone who had zero background in dance, I am learning the body awareness I need in order to feel “flow” which is something I have not found anywhere else!”

Laura Purdy

“was difficult to start without going through the basic course first. but having seen other girls posts was able to break each move down and focus on correcting mistakes. I am now taking basic course and have aha moment and realize why some of the girls who took previous courses look
so much more fluid and technically clean and precise. thank you for the course and I love the format of this class that forces you to complete a task because there is a deadline”

Julia Ramirez

“I have been going through all Polina Martyanova online classes. Absolutely in love with the way she teaches. Online courses are created in easy way for everyone who needs to improve their
exotic dancing. All lessons are explained very well, also Polina pays huge attention to details when she provides feedbacks to her students. Highly recommended ❤”

Angelina Trystula


“This is my 4th course with Polina. One thing I love about all her courses is the level of detail. She explained all the subtle differences between doing the move and how to make it Exotic. Advantage of online courses is that you can watch it over and over again and pause and compare
yourself with Polina and see what you did differently. Will definitely keep learning from Polina.”

Katherine Cui


“I started exotic with the Base Course 1 and 2 , and I go back to them quite often because they are the most important for making any progress in exotic in general. My progress is a bit slow because I am an amateur dancer, a working mom and sometimes it is hard to find time to practice
– but I do get there eventually and it is a great feeling!! I watch ‘older’ tutorials a lot especially body waves, walking, spinning and they make much more sense to me now than they were in the beginning when I was practicing for the first time. I think that the change I made is tremendous: I usually practice a lot before the final filming and when I look back at my old recordings, my moves become more and more smooth and flowy. Like I said, my learning is a bit slow but I am so proud of it, because it is great for me, for my body and most of all – for my spirit. It is such a great feeling
of accomplishment when after hours and hours of practice I learn the moves and finally record my practice, it is priceless!! I think the courses are great, well thought-out, cleverly designed (mirror reflection, review mistakes especially), I like that they are shorter now because I can go through
the whole routine a lot of times and still learn something new. Thank you for sharing your experience with us dear Polina and I am looking forward to the new tutorials with you and with all the wonderful girls that are so talented and working so hard. So proud to be a part of it all”

Mirela Hele


“I feel so lucky to have been part of Polina Martyanova’s first group of online training courses and to have gotten to keep training with her! When we got to “Dance Out” Pole Meditation, I felt prepared from all the previous lessons that Polina taught, especially Fluid Base 1 and 2! I never
was good at learning from a video online, but I really have always loved Polina’s style and so I decided to give it a go! I’m so glad I did 😃 Polina is an amazing teacher! She genuinely cares about each student and their progress. She takes the time to go over details and helps us correct each little thing so that we as dancers can feel validated, confident and beautiful! I’ve improved
my fluidity and my connection to movement in each moment of the routines! She makes distance learning fun and I feel like she’s right there with me in the room! I will absolutely keep taking these
courses from Polina!”

Jesalyn White


“Polina thank you so much for putting the course together. Although I couldn’t participate along with the group with the chats I was practicing and I got so much out of it. I still have work to do and I plan on going back to the routine again. For me, it was clear and easy to follow along with.
Your feedback is incredibly helpful. It is challenging to learn alone! I know it’s a lot to commit the time to responding to all the messages, I’m grateful to have been a part of this learning experience. It’s also really cool to see the other girls post videos. I felt like I learned a lot from that too. I am hoping to participate in the next course!”

Lucy Howard


“Polina Martyanova’s online exotic dance classes are amazing! She breaks down the technique in a way that’s very easy to understand. Her choreographies are sooooo sexy. And the individual feedback she provides is very clear, concise, and incredibly helpful. I love Polina’s classes so
much, I sign up for every single one whether I have the time to participate or not. I just make sure to download the lessons, as needed, so I can come back to them when my work life is less busy.
Thank you so much, Polina, for making these classes available to us online!!!”

Shannon Holmes


“Dance Out with Polina Ginger has given me a realization about how technical every movement in dance is. This is my third course as a student of Polina. I have to say that this course has been the most challenging for me, yet at the same time I have grown the most as an exotic dancer
during this time. Much like Fluid Base 1 & 2, Polina shares her knowledge in such a way that each and every step is thoroughly covered. She is professional in every aspect of her teaching. She has a great sense of humor and turns moments of frustration in our dance into opportunities to
motivate and encourage us in our our journeys. I’ve learned to appreciate the process in my practice. Polina has taught me to master the move with grace and fluidity. She teaches her students to move with meaning and works hard to give guidance for us in a way that I’ve never
seen in any other on-line dance course. The course is customized to each individual based on their ability. Polina makes adjustments that suit her dancers needs. She provides essential detailed feedback based on our video submissions. This has been the major piece that makes
this such a great course, the individualized attention. Which is one of the many reasons I will continue as her student. Thank you”


“A unique course! Under the strict guidance of Polina, I began to progress from the first
lesson! She clearly knows what and where to refine, she explains everything in detail andintelligibly. For me, this is the most productive course!”

Marina Krylova


“A unique course! Under the strict guidance of Polina, I began to progress from the first
lesson! She clearly knows what and where to refine, she explains everything in detail andintelligibly. For me, this is the most productive course!”

Marina Krylova


I’m 100% sure about my courses effectivity

I understand that the course may not suit everyone.
Should you not be satisfied I provide a 14 day, money back guarantee.
If you’ve gone through my lessons, practiced it, but you didn’t like it, for whatever reason, you can request full refund.
Please Note: In the event that you request a refund, you will be prohibited from purchasing any future courses.

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