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Dance Out

“Focus Group”

Want to learn how to dance like polina ginger?

An exclusive STRIPPLASTIC/FLOORWORK choreography


6 weeks coaching from Russian Exotic Queen!

Focus Group starts on March 27th


If you completed FLUID BASE program

If you are experienced/advanced dancer


Private online educational platform with very easy and fast interface, to provide you the most pleasant learning experience. Learn on your mobil, tablet, laptop


You are never alone. The only online courses that provides assistance to each student. You become a part of our world wide community. Connect with fellow dancers from around the world who are just like you


Right after payment you will be directed to your profile where you will have an access to the course you purchased. All futher instructions about How, What, When you will find there with very detailed explanation.

I’m 100% sure about my courses effectivity

I understand that the course may not suit everyone.
Should you not be satisfied I provide a 14 day, money back guarantee.
If you’ve gone through my lessons, practiced it, but you didn’t like it, for whatever reason, you can request full refund.
Please Note: In the event that you request a refund, you will be prohibited from purchasing any future courses.

About me


I’m one of the Exotic founders. I developing this style for over than 12 years

My huge teaching background allows me to invent unique methods to unpack potentiality of every student

After many years of workshops and private lessons around the world, I know exactly what most of the students are struggling with. And I know how to fix it

If you trust me and follow my instructions, you will be amazed with your results

I created the space where you get the results as if you practice in real studio. will take your hand and lead you through this course. Customize the program, support and correct every your step. Available for packages “VIP Coaching” and “FOCUS GROUP”

You can become the dancer you’ve always wanted to be, but to get there not only are you going to need the right guidance and support, you’re also going to need to know what to focus on, to improve your dancing.


Are the lessons live stream? Should I catch it at certain time?

No, all lessons are recorded and you have access to them whenever you want.
Right after payment you will enter “Your Room” (your profile) and find the course you purchased there. In the platform you will see the list and an easy access to each lesson.

What is the format of the courses?

Right after you purchaed the course, you immidiatly have an access to the “Your Profile” in the private education platform.
It is very comfortable to use as with compuer as with mobile.
All you need to watch the lessons is internet connection.
Every course contains 5 modules. And you will see all course content right away.
You just need to manage your time and start your education with me.

What is "We are Team" package?

Imagine that you are going to the studio and have a group classes there. It is something similar. You have an access to the course at certain date that was announced on the website.
“We are team” package starts once a month, all participants start education at the same time, as a group.
For each group there is a secret chat in Telegram where you have support and assisstance of one of my teachers.
For 6 weeks you have an opportunity to have personal feedback once per lesson.
It is good way to have maximum results with budget.

What is "Vip Coaching" package?

You can start the course any time!
For 8 weeks I become your personal teacher within the course that you choose.
I take over control your progress, give you regular feedbacks and tips, and cutomize program for your needs. It is basically the same as have a private lessons with me.
Just be ready that you will be working very intensive. But results are totally worth.
Plus after we finish our work, you have a life access to the course.

How do I get the feedback?

You film yourself during the practice and send that video to the chat that you attached. 

How long do I have an access to the course?

“We are Team” packages – 6 months
“Vip Coaching” package – life time

How long is one lesson?

After 2 years of online teaching i realize that the shorter  lessons, the easier for students go through the material. So i’m breaking the Modules into the lessons 10-30 mins long. 

How long are the courses?

Originally courses build in the way that you should finish it for 6 weeks of active and intensive training. At least 2 times per week, 1.5 h. 
But in the reality average duration is 2 months. Or even more, depends on how you manage your practice time. 
With package “we are team” you have an access to the course for 6 months, and it’s more than enough, even if you do 1 module per month, to finish the course.

Do I have support? What should i do if i have questions?

Of course. Each course has a secret group in telegram chat, where you have regular and careful assisstance.

Which course should I choose?

If you don’t feel confident with your dancing and Pole skills, I always recommend to start from Fluid Base. And go through courses go step by step. That way you will build very solid basics, gain confidence and body awareness.
And you always can contact me, i will help you to choose the right one.

The fastest way to contact me

If you have any specific question, you can contact me here

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