how to exotic

Exotic Pole Base 1

How to create clean lines, grace and elegance in your dancing

A one-of-a-kind course will help you develop skills of interactions with the Pole in an Exotic way. A treasure box of original ideas and foundations.

You need Pole for this course.

Next course start date – September 24th

this course

is Perfect for you if

You finished Fluid Base program and want to continue to learn How to Exotic

You are from beginner to intermediate level and want to make breakthrough in your dancing

You are an experienced dancer and looking for a boost to improve your exotic skills

You are an exotic teacher, and after choreography/tricks agony, you feel the need to learn the foundations to level up yourself as an instructor and performer


What to Expect


from feeling like a wooden stick into graceful dancer

Creativity awakening

You will be surprised how learning foundations will help you to create your own choreos

Original choreographies

Learn routines created for a specific topics, so you can apply your new knowledge to complete your dancing


You will see a significant improvments in quality of your exotic performace

Improvements of your liquid motion

The main target of this course is how to be fluid


Dancing is a great way to be active. With Polina’s tips on body movement you’ll soon feel a change


Private online educational platform with very easy and fast interface, to provide you the most pleasant learning experience. Learn on your mobil, tablet, laptop


You are never alone. The only online courses that provides asisstance to each student.You become a part of our world wide community. Connect with fellow dancers from around the world who are just like you

You can become the dancer you’ve always wanted to be, but to get there not only are you going to need the right guidance and support, you’re also going to need to know what to focus on, to improve your dancing.

About me


I’m one of the Exotic founders. I developing this style for over than 12 years

My huge teaching background allows me to invent unique methods to unpack potentiality of every student

After many years of workshops and private lessons around the world, I know exactly what most of the students are struggling with. And I know how to fix it

If you trust me and follow my instructions, you will be amazed with your results

I created the space where you get the results as if you practice in real studio. will take your hand and lead you through this course. Customize the program, support and correct every your step. Available for packages “VIP Coaching” and “FOCUS GROUP”

“That is the only Online Courses where you can have a personal assistance of professional! It’s like “one on one” class experince”

course program

The Program


Theoretical lessons

Practical lessons

Module 1

Lesson 1. Exotic Pole Dance history.
Lesson 2. How to learn effectively. Instructions.
Lesson 3. Warm Up. Exclusive method for exotic practice.
Lesson 4. Baby steps. How to walk in heels like a Queen.
Lesson 5. Primary Basic techniques around Pole. Rouitne.

Module 2

Lesson 1. Theory. Heels and exotic. Injuries and how to avoid them.
Lesson 2. Theory. Set general settings for exotic fluidity.
Lesson 3. Warm up and exercises for your feet. How to improve pointed toes.
Lesson 4. How to feel natural. Exercises.
Lesson 5. Mistakes Review for previous Module.
Lesson 6. Basics around Pole part1.
Lesson 7. Final Choreo.

Module 3

Lesson 1. Mistakes Previous for previous Module.
Lesson 2. Basics around Pole. Moves and exercises.
Lesson 3. Building choreography.

Module 4

Lesson 1. Mistakes review for previous Module.
Lesson 2. Theory. Introduction into work with static Pole.
Lesson 3. Types of basic grips. Basic exotic spins.Exercises. How to use Pole safely.
Lesson 4. Play with basic variations.
Lesson 5. Technique “Trust the universe”. My author method.

Module 5

Lesson 1. Mistakes Review for previous Module.
Lesson 2. Put all parts together. Choreo.
Lesson 3. Theory. How to use the knowledge you get in the best way.


What my Students Say

“thank you very much Polina! I am so glad I took your course because you gave me the elegance and gracefulness that was previously missing. I am so much happier with my form now although it is always still a work in progress. Your comments they are so helpful and encouraging. I love it
when I know exactly what I do wrong, most instructors do not correct a lot of mistakes because they always say everyone has their own style, well I believe we need to learn how to do the basics correctly first, and then have the style. Anyway you are the best.”

Chloe Wan

“Love the details and explanations in all the lessons. The only thing is that my work / health /personal stuff doesn’t allow me to practise enough to be able to keep up with 2 classes per week.I need 1 week to pracitse and absorb the info. However, please don’t reduce the info and content in each class. would rather have lots of new things to learn and catch up in the next month when
you no longer post new lessons. Please do continue providing such online courses. I would like to stick with you and continue building up my knowledge and get better and better.”

Katherine Cui

“Taking Polina’s Exotic Pole Base course was one of the best decisions I’ve made toward my goals in learning how to move with ease and fluidity on the pole. There are so many intricate little details that most classes that I’ve taken in the past have not included. I am so impressed with the
teaching style and the individual attention that Polina gives to her students. I am honored to be under her instruction. Knowing the background of Russian Exotic makes a huge difference in the way in which I see myself as a dancer and as a woman in general, especially when it comes to my confidence and my ability to be sexy and feel good, actually great about myself. Being a little on the heavy side and just hitting 50 years young I was a little hesitant about whether I should continue on with my journey. Nevertheless I am so happy that I decided to move forward. This
course is teaching me the grace in my own movement and that at any size and agel can be sexy and beautiful. Thank you Polina for all your encouragement and your amazing instruction.”

Angela Tierno OKeefe

“Polina is so detailed, encouraging and inspiring. Expect a steep learning curve because those lines and fluid movements will take more than class time to master. I have learnt to greater appreciate the art of exotic and the importance of clean lines. Class has made me more aware of my body and has given towards improving and loving myself. Thank you so much for your
constant attention and feedback Polina! me a more positive attitude I’m already itching to see a next series of class”

Nyx Chong

“Polina you are such an amazing teacher !! I have been dancing and teaching for years; Polina you have showed me a new way to connect to the Pole! You have given me permission to be a sexy and exotic woman through movement! Your encouraging feedback and attention to details
has been so valuable to me! I feel so much more graceful and powerful in my body and in my mind! I’m learning how to break bad habits and patterns that I have developed over the years! I’m so thankful to be working with you and I hope one day to get to work with you in person! I will
continue to take as many courses as you offer !! I also love that you have connected all of us women together, without you, we all would have never met!”

Jesalyn White

“Although I was excited to take Polina’s Exotic Pole Base course, I was a little nervous that it would be too difficult for me as a self-taught, exotic “baby”. The first course did a great job of teaching basics of understanding how to make my body move how I want it to, but this second
course has truly started to teach me how to dance. Polina has built an amazing course that can be beneficial to both beginner and advanced dancers, and has tailored her feedback and tips accordingly! l appreciate her attention to detail; her focus on lines, body weight changes, and body shapes has already made my dancing much smoother and made me a happier more confident dancer. These are videos and classes I will return to again and again as I gain more
flexibility, strength, and coordination as a dancer as there is always more to expand on with her teaching style.”

Laura Purdy

“Polina is a wonderful teacher! Each class was explained & demonstrated very clearly. Fluid Base 2 was exactly what I was looking for to polish my moves around the pole, and now im going for Fluid Base 1 as I missed it the first time around. Thank you for doing this online course my dear,
its the next best thing to learning from you in real life”

Nanina Uds

“I’m grateful to have taken this course. It is different than any other form of dance I’ve ever taken. It has allowed me to think about movement in an entirely different way and I feel more confident as a dancer in general.”

Brittny Ravotti

“I took your courses because I wanted someone experienced in exotic pole dance to help me improve my liquid motion and choppy coordination. The course indeed helpes me grow, but it also showed me that i really need the preceeding levels Polina offered before I can truly master it
well. The learning experience was great. I received detailed and prompt feedback in what my strengths and weaknesses were.Thank you for being patient and kind with me! I look forward to
future online classes with you!”

Siera Knight

“This is my first course and for me it was challenging but I felt I learned a lot. I felt I improved in the technical dance portion working with minor details (adding the body waves and head turns etc) Moves that add and make the dancing more flawless. I also had to work on timing with
music which is so hard since I don’t have any dance background. The learning of a choreography
also has been great for me since it’s not something I do normally think Paulina you are a great
teacher and wish you were local. I loved your class on line and your choreography is always beautiful and sensual. Your teaching methods work for me because I am a technical learner. I need to know where the left foot goes where the hand goes. The videos front and back are great.
I will definitely take the next course when it’s available. Iam looking forward to the next one 2″

Nora Santana

“i’m very happy that I’m taking your class actually- because even if I couldn’t send a lot of videos for feedback, I have already learned so much. I see the changes everday, from how I walk to how I hold the pole etc. Especially the “mirror video” works like a miracle because i put my computer
on the table and can pay attention that we are doing the same things at the same time when I’m dancing. Admittedly, when I first emailed you, you told me to take Fluid Base and when this class started I got confused and immediately signed up. I will take rest of your classes including Fluid Base moving forward.”

Sky Gokce Ertas

“i’m very happy that I’m taking your class actually- because even if I couldn’t send a lot of videos for feedback, I have already learned so much. I see the changes everday, from how I walk to how I hold the pole etc. Especially the “mirror video” works like a miracle because i put my computer
on the table and can pay attention that we are doing the same things at the same time when I’m dancing. Admittedly, when I first emailed you, you told me to take Fluid Base and when this class started I got confused and immediately signed up. I will take rest of your classes including Fluid Base moving forward.”

Sky Gokce Ertas


Choose Your Package

Right after payment you will be directed to your profile where you will have an access to the course you purchased. All futher instructions about How, What, When you will find there with very detailed explanation.

I’m 100% sure about my courses effectivity

I understand that the course may not suit everyone.
Should you not be satisfied I provide a 14 day, money back guarantee.
If you’ve gone through my lessons, practiced it, but you didn’t like it, for whatever reason, you can request full refund.
Please Note: In the event that you request a refund, you will be prohibited from purchasing any future courses.


Are the lessons live stream? Should I catch it at certain time?

No, all lessons are recorded and you have access to them whenever you want.
Right after payment you will enter “Your Room” (your profile) and find the course you purchased there. In the platform you will see the list and an easy access to each lesson.

What is the format of the courses?

Right after you purchaed the course, you immidiatly have an access to the “Your Profile” in the private education platform.
It is very comfortable to use as with compuer as with mobile.
All you need to watch the lessons is internet connection.
Every course contains 5 modules. And you will see all course content right away.
You just need to manage your time and start your education with me.

What is "We are Team" package?

Imagine that you are going to the studio and have a group classes there. It is something similar. You have an access to the course at certain date that was announced on the website.
“We are team” package starts once a month, all participants start education at the same time, as a group.
For each group there is a secret chat in Telegram where you have support and assisstance of one of my teachers.
For 6 weeks you have an opportunity to have personal feedback once per lesson.
It is good way to have maximum results with budget.

What is "Vip Coaching" package?

You can start the course any time!
For 8 weeks I become your personal teacher within the course that you choose.
I take over control your progress, give you regular feedbacks and tips, and cutomize program for your needs. It is basically the same as have a private lessons with me.
Just be ready that you will be working very intensive. But results are totally worth.
Plus after we finish our work, you have a life access to the course.

How do I get the feedback?

You film yourself during the practice and send that video to the chat that you attached. 

How long do I have an access to the course?

“We are Team” packages – 6 months
“Vip Coaching” package – life time

How long is one lesson?

After 2 years of online teaching i realize that the shorter  lessons, the easier for students go through the material. So i’m breaking the Modules into the lessons 10-30 mins long. 

How long are the courses?

Originally courses build in the way that you should finish it for 6 weeks of active and intensive training. At least 2 times per week, 1.5 h. 
But in the reality average duration is 2 months. Or even more, depends on how you manage your practice time. 
With package “we are team” you have an access to the course for 6 months, and it’s more than enough, even if you do 1 module per month, to finish the course.

Do I have support? What should i do if i have questions?

Of course. Each course has a secret group in telegram chat, where you have regular and careful assisstance.

Which course should I choose?

If you don’t feel confident with your dancing and Pole skills, I always recommend to start from Fluid Base. And go through courses go step by step. That way you will build very solid basics, gain confidence and body awareness.
And you always can contact me, i will help you to choose the right one.

Where is Exotic Pole Base 2?

Exotic Pole Base 2 course is available for purchasing after you finish first part. You will have an access in “Your Profile”

The fastest way to contact me

If you have any specific question, you can contact me here

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