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12 thoughts on “THE SECRETS OF RUSSIAN EXOTIC – start 13th November”

  1. Julia Martella

    I really enjoy the course! Congratulations!!
    I’ve learned so much for your details! A lot that I never had in workshops!
    Really thanks
    Love you didactic!!!
    Julia Martella

  2. Elodie Drion

    Hello Polina!
    I am happy I found your course. You and I share the same vision about exotic pole dance… I also think that the basics are really important to become more fluid and dance beautifully. I followed a lot of courses and workshops and I wasn’t happy about the results, because nobody corrected my mistakes. I had to figure out on my own and it was difficult. But because of you, I made a huge progress in a short amount of time, I really understand you. Thank you very much! xxx

  3. Keri Costello

    Polina! As always you’ve enlightened me in ways that only a person with all of the secrets to Exotic dancing, can! Thanks for sharing those secrets. That makes it so obvious that you truly want success for other dancers, and that you are working to preserve what you so lovingly worked so very hard to create! Im so fortunate to have come across these courses and im telling anyone I possibly can about your courses so they can benefit as much as I have. Another huge plus is the friends I have made in the groups…I have made such a supportive group of friends that are crazy about Russian Exotic dance as well! #teampolina 💙🦋💙 I’m grateful for you and the way you teach! Im grateful that I have your guidance! It clearly shows in my dance! THANK YOU POLINA💗💋💗💋💗

  4. Anna Lievense

    Polina, you are an amazing dancer, teacher and choreographer and I absolutely love your style!💖 I enjoyed the free introductionary course a lot and hope that once I will have a possibility to join one of your other classes!
    Kind regards and thank you so much again!

  5. Naiara Chiquetto

    Thank you, Polina, for this course!
    It was really great and I learnt a lot. Not only how to dance, but how to develop my teaching to make it clearer.
    Will keep practicing this beautiful coreo in the next days, and when I get it right I will post and tag you.
    Really hope to come back and take one of your regular courses in the near future.

    A huge hug,


    Like every course Polina provides, it is nothing short of fantastic. Skillful, fullcircled, well thought out and as an extra plus there is theory and backround knowledge. Take this course and you will definately learn about the secrets of russian exotic and her teachings will help you to crack the code yourself!
    Risk being seen in all of your glory!

  7. Took this course because of an interest in Russian exotic. Polina was a wonderful teacher and plan to continue my journey with her other courses. Give this a try and commit to your journey of discovery. Lessons are done with every student in mind and very professional. Polina and her courses are fantastic and I’m glad to have found it!

    1. Julia Turkina

      Hi, beauty! My name is Julia, I’m Polina’s assistent. I will send your gratitude and impressions to Polina! We are very glad that you are with us!

  8. At first I wanna thank you for putting you work here available for free nobody does that nowadays 🤭i‘ve done soooo many Workshops and its really exactly the way you explained 🤷‍♀️Lot of money jumping around and trying to catch the move with my eyes(Atention not every polestar can teach good! Was disappointed a few times where I was dying to get to train with my beloved Polestar than I realized that she can’t explain the move or she cannot speak English only 3 words(right left and turn)
    I‘m always singing that the basics are really important I can’t get enough of different ways to teach a move!
    Anyway respect Paulina lovely person,beautiful soul, amaizing dancer!
    We‘ll hear/see us for sure!

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