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What You will Get

Unique content

Revolutionary methods that produce (amazing) results, tested and proven by hundreds of students

Elegance, Fluidity, Sensuality

Are the focal points of the courses. You will gain confidence and feel a positive transformation that is visable through your dancing and your personal life as well!


Courses are presented on a beautiful private platform with easy naviation! Learn from anywhere using your mobil device, tablet or laptop.


Course are packed with insider information that no one teaches. You are guaranteed to learn advance concepts and experience many break throughs.

Complete Guide from A to Z

Step by Step instructions, dance practice, theory and everything you want to know


You’re never alone! The only online studio that provides personal assistance to each student, in addition to community support.

Remember Cinderella fairy tale?

I’m your Exotic Fairy Godmother. I will transform your exotic performace into high quality! My Magic Wand is my Knowledge, Experience, Comprehensive methodology that appeared in this Online Academy. The only thing that I can not do is magic. The real results come only with the real practice.

Who am i


A leader in the Russian Exotic Movement

12 + years of experience Dancing,Teaching and Choreography

Provided about 600 workshops

In more than 20 countires

Instructed over 1000 students


Courses I Offer

Fluid Base

Create mesmerizing, slow, and sensual movement. Learn to move through transitions with seemless fluidity. This course is the base of all Russian Exotic and is a compilation of over a decade of experience.

Exotic Pole Base

This course will focus on creating clean lines, through extension and proper techniques. Bring grace and elegance to your dancing through these fundamental elements

Dance Out

Dive deeper into Russian Exotic by learning unique choreographies, designed to teach musicality and proper tecniques


What my Students Say

“Polina you are the best teacher there is !! I am so happy to be in all your courses, I know I learnt so much and this knowlegde is priceless and no one else teaches it. When I tried to go to exotic workshops before, I usually ended up being completely confused and running around the pole
without any idea what we are actually doing”

Mirela Helenger

“Polina Martyanova’s online exotic dance classes are amazing! She breaks down the technique in a way that’s very easy to understand. Her choreographies are sooo sexy. And the individual feedback she provides is very clear, concise, and incredibly helpful. I love Polina’s classes so
much, I sign up for every single one whether I have the time to participate in assisstance period or not. I can come back to them when my work life is less busy.
Thank you so much, Polina, for making these classes available to us online !!!”

Shannon Holmes

“When i saw Polina online courses i thought it would be good to try and be teached how to exotic by a pure and pioneer exotic dancer & teacher. I found more than expected! Her skills as a dancer are as good as a teacher. She has a way of teaching very accurate and helpful, and beyond a strong knowledge on techniques. Her courses made me grow so much! It is challenging because she acts like a surgeon, she pays attention on every details and connexions on our dance and bodies. And thats how you progress. I will definetly pursue with her this exotic 

Maeva Marie

“I have been going through all Polina Martyanova online classes. Absolutely in love with the way she teaches. Online courses are created in easy way for everyone who needs to improve their
exotic dancing. All lessons are explained very well, also Polina pays huge attention to details when she provides feedbacks to her students. Highly recommended”

Angelina Trystula

“I have had many pole / exotic teachers, and NEVER have I had a teacher that can compare to Polina Martyanova. It is easy to look at these incredible dancers and think “I will never be able to move like that,” but after taking this class you learn that it IS possible, it just takes practice and hard work. Polina can move better than any dancer I have ever seen, and she is an expert at taking complicated movements and breaking them down into simple, easy- to-understand pieces.
Even better, she has such an amazing talent for watching her students and spotting exactly what
needs improvement. Even when you have watched the lesson 20 times and tried to figure out
why your dance does not look just right, she can take one quick glance and tell you EXACTLY
what you need to correct and how”

Elizabeth Kenz

“Polina’s personalization of exotic dance is the one that enchants me the most. She is beautiful, powerful, sensual, and captivating with her movements without being aggressive or trick heavy.
She understands the natural movement patterns of people and how the body flows in a way which enables her to teach with compassion, sensitivity, and patience … allowing the student to comprehend and explore new movement in a way that is agreeable and natural to the body of the
student, rather than trying to get the student to simply mimic and repeat the movement patterns of the instructor (which are natural for the instructor, but not to the student). The feedback Polina
gives is invaluable, and the way she interacts with her students is very comforting … as opposed to some instructors styles which seem more harsh and impatient and similar to that of a military drill instructor if they were barking ques / orders while teaching dance class. l am very glad to have found Polina and take the opportunities to do a courses with her. I look forward to more courses with Polina in the future, and if she ever comes to America, Hope I can take workshops
with her as well”

Nettie Marie

“Even though I am still learning and not being able to do everything myself, I feel that my perception has changed, in relation to myself and also in looking and knowing when someone is really good at exotic! Irealize mistakes that I did not see before! I think Polina implanted a chip on us! And…I’ve lost weight! was not expected but I think it’s a great side it effect of all this work that we do here!”

Flora Li

“I feel so lucky to have been part of Polina Martyanova’s first group of online training courses and to have gotten to keep training with her! When we got to “Dance Out” Pole Meditation, I felt prepared from all the previous lessons that Polina taught, especially Fluid Base 1 and 2! I never
was good at learning from a video online, but I really have always loved Polina’s style and so I decided to give it a go! I’m so glad I did Polina is an amazing teacher! She genuinely cares about each student and their progress. She takes the time to go over details and helps us correct each
little thing so that we as dancers can feel validated, confident and beautiful! I’ve improved my fluidity and my connection to movement in each moment of the routines! She makes distance learning fun and I feel like she’s right there with me in the room! I will absolutely keep taking these
courses from Polina!”

Jesalyn White

“it is said that, “To be able to teach one must have the capacity to learn”, Polina Martyanova is demonstrating she is not only a very professional teacher but a better person … she has the brain and the heart , each one in its place. First of all, as a teacher, she is more like a surgeondetective, excrutining every move separating every body part and direction to follow. She is also trying to aware us about what we may find difficult and making us feel encouraged and comfortable even though when we can’t do them properly. About the contents of Polina’s online
courses can only say that they are more than well explained, achievable and complete, about her methodology I am still amazed about how one can learn so much and so fast and too well structured even when being so far. One of the most important things one learns is to be
autonomous and how to become 100% responsible of one’s learning. Seeing Polina work so good and hard makes it impossible to be lazy or unresponsible”

Victoria Peralta

“For me, you are truly the best trainer I ever had in all these 45 years of my life. You are good, friendly and approachable as a person and you give honest and good feedback we can work on. I‘m very gratefull for that”

Marieke Van der Wal

“Thank you, Polina, for your hard work! It’s an amazing courses .I saw many different teachers, but you’re completely different and the best one”

Yelena Auelbekova

“I did two online courses with Polina, and both were fantastic! Those courses exceeded my expectations Polina is awesome dancer and teacher and easy to work with 🙂 She is approachable
and clear with her instructions. Also she made very good use of limited time to dissect and improve my dancing. Classes were customized to our levels and she gave very helpful quality feedbacks that lead to the next step I would like to thank you Polina for the wonderful opportunity
you have provided to share with us your exotic & dance knowledge and get to know you closer as well Polina is definitely someone I would take lessons from in the future. Strongly recommend.
Thank you! Love you”


You can Become the Dancer you’ve Always wanted to be

but to get there not only are you going to need the right guidance and support, you’re also going to need to know what to focus on, to improve your dancing.

Ready to

discover an exciting new activity, that is healthy, creative and fun?

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Do you want

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